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2007-05-20 13:17:25
Blueberry написал(а):

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Hi everyone.

Well, what can I say? Tonight is the night before the big day. Tomorrow I am playing my second final at Roland Garros and I guess we all agree it is some kind of a special final with Roger. Here I am dictating my blog, which as you know gets written in English and then gets translated back into Spanish. Don't ask me why we do it like this!

You might ask, how did I take this day... is it a different day because it is between a semifinal and final of a Grand Slam? Do I do something special or different or feel nervous? To tell you the truth what I tried to do all day is take it as another normal day. That helps me more and maybe it's a way to forget what is going to happen tomorrow. Or maybe it is a way to have a normal day. I don't know. Here is a photo of me at breakfast, having bread with chocolate cream.
The fact is the ATP had arranged for me to do a photo shoot and video filming at a bridge near my hotel and so I went there, half an hour later than expected, so I have to apologize to the photographers and TV crews. I did my work, answered many questions to the many TVs and then went to do another photograph and then after that I went to the site where I was scheduled to practice with a Japanese junior who had just played the final of the junior doubles tournament, so I got my hit with him.
I did see Roger today. He practiced after me. When he was going on court I was signing autographs so all we did was exchange looks and say 'hello.' I can also say that I was forwarded a message by Ljubicic. It was nice to receive it. The message said something like 'Don't get me wrong. I would like Federer to win because I have a closer friendship with him, but that's it.'

It was really hot out there today. You could really feel the sun and a little wind. There were a lot of people at the practice court, so maybe next year they should schedule us to practice on a bigger court But jokes aside I got my hit and again I had some media scheduled. I had to do a press conference with the international media, although not too many showed up. Then I rushed to do another live interview with Spanish TV as I said yesterday in my blog.
Since we were running an hour or hour and a half late, I was scheduled to do a round table with the Spanish written media, so I did it while I was eating. Here I am grabbing a dish of pasta today with curry sauce from the restuarant and an entrecote with fench fries and going upstairs to the player lounge to sit down with the Spanish fellows. By that time it was already 5.15 and as I wrote in my post yesterday I wanted to be back at the hotel by 4.30.

Just one more thing to do. I remember I was given a watch in Shanghai last year and it broke down so I asked my friend from the ATP to walk with me from the player lounge to the VIP village to pick up another watch. But as we went out the women's singles final had just finished and there we were trying to walk through the crowd.

Some of you may ask how we move inside the tournament. To tell you the truth normally they would have prepared a lot of security but we thought it better just to go there by ourselves. It is funny, not too many people know that it is me walking through. You draw more attention to yourself if you are surrounded by huge security guys pushing people, which I don't like to see, but I understand that sometimes it is necessary to keep everyone moving. I'm not afraid to go alone with the guy from the ATP. We try not to push anybody and just get to the place faster. I picked up the watch and went back to the hotel.

I got back to the hotel and you can imagine now that it's not just my family here to support me but a lot of people from Mallorca, including the president of the Island and a whole bunch of people. The president had prepared dinner for a lot of people but I prefer to stay at the hotel. One, it would probably be a mess to go out to dinner with over 30 people and also I wanted to watch the World Cup match with Argentina. We just called the place that we have been going for dinner all these days and asked if they could bring stuff to the hotel. It was me, uncle Toni, uncle Miguel Angel and Tuts from Nike. I had fried gambas and fried calamari and also a pizza.

So I know some of you ask that if I don't like tomato and I don't like cheese, what is in the pizza I eat? I don't like sliced tomato but of course I have tomato sauce on the pizza base. I had a napolitana pizza which had anchovies and tomato sauce, but I took off the green capers (alcaparras). We had a laugh after watching the match. My uncle Miguel Angel was telling stories about famous footballers and coaches and it was really funny. I had a great time.
As you can see it was a normal day, although probably busier than normal, but this is the way I like to spend the day - it goes quicker. I can't deny that I did spend some time today thinking about the final and tomorrow I probably will be a little nervous. If I win, great, if I don't then there will probably be another chance. It definitely won't be a tragedy.

On thing I forgot to say in yesterday's post is that I spoke to Raul, the captain of the Spanish national team. He wished me luck from him and from the whole team. That was very nice and it was great to talk to him.

Let me tell you that Carlos Moya called me and we spent some time on the phone and he gave me a lot of supprot for tomorrow. He's a great guy.


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Осень опять надевается с рукавов,
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И бережёшься слишком больших нагрузок.
Мир кладёт тебе в книги душистых слов,
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Зябким, как в семь утра после вечеринки.
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