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  • Novak Djokovic (8,310)
  • Rafael Nadal (7,440)
  • Andy Murray (7,255)
  • Juan Martin Del Potro (6,275)
  • Nikolay Davydenko (5,290)
  • Robin Soderling (3,905)
  • Andy Roddick (3,720)
  • Marin Cilic (2,970)
  • Fernando Gonzalez (2,925)

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    2007-06-07 18:15:41

    Monday, June 4, 2007


    Hello Everybody on another day. Once again I would like to thank you for all the messages and gifts I got yesterday for my birthday. I continue getting a lot of messages over the internet. Ive seen a few that are published on the website (www.rafaelnadal.com).

    Many of you ask me what goes through my mind before and after the matches. I dont know it depends very much on the match and the situation. If Ive played well or not changes a lot. If Ive played bad I quickly see the match in my mind and try to analyze the mistakes I did in order to try to improve. If Ive played well Im happy but I still try to improve.

    Today before playing against Hewitt I already knew that I would play against Moyini if I win. Well in my case, I dont think about that but about the match I have to play point by point. I dont think about who I would play if I win, even if Im asked about that very often. I only think about the player who stands on the other side or who will be standing on the other side. Once the match was over I did think, well now I have to play against Charly. You all know that hes my friend. The person which helped me when I got started, a great person. What goes through my mind? What do we think? How to play against a friend? I think that I answered all those questions for the press today.

    You would like to know what we did today? Knowing that well be rivals Wednesday We went out almost every night, went to have dinner almost every night Well we did the usual thing, we went for dinner all together to an Italian restaurant which isnt far away from the hotel and was recommended to us by Giorgio di Palermo, an Italian who works for the ATP as a Tour Manager and who is a very nice guy. At the end there were plenty of people from the world of tennis because Vitto invited also some people who work for the ATP. Since we were so many they sat us at different tables. At my table there were my father, Rafa Maymo, Albert Molina, Tuts, a friend of Tuts and myself. At the table next to us there was Moyini with his girlfriend Flavia, his physio Pere, Alex Corretja and Charly a friend of Moyas. At another big table there were many ATP people: Vitto (who organized the convention), Zeljko Franulovic, the tournament director of Monte-Carlo, Nanette, Simon, Nicola, Stéphane, Fabrizio, the umpires Cedric and Mohamed and a Greek called Peter who doesnt work for the ATP but comes to many tournaments and is a professional tennis spectator as we say. At another table there was Lobito with a few Argentine friends and the former tennis player Karim Alami. Today when we came back from the club in the car with my uncle Toni, Rafa Maymo, my father, Benito and Lobito we were actually talking about Alami. They told me that he was a very popular player on the circuit and that he now works as a commentator for an Arabic TV channel. Well there he was having dinner.

    I mentioned all those people also because they were witnesses as the stake of the play station game from the other day was paid. Actually I made Moyini pay for the game by doing ten trunk flexions in the middle of the restaurant. There are no pictures and there wont be any (even if there was a camera which immortalized the moment), but he did it He paid the stake. Moyini did ten trunk flexions in the middle of the restaurant!!! What a laugh!!! I was laughing so much and I tell you that I didn't laugh because of malicious joy, but because two years ago, exactly two years ago, I had to do the same thing. In the middle of the Champs Elysées with two hundred people staring I had to do ten flexions in the middle of the street on the zebra crossing. The owner of the restaurant was staring a bit as well but has was laughing quite a lot. I have been looking on my computer for the picture they took of me two years ago, but I couldnt find it. I swear that Ill show it in the blog if I find it.

    For dinner I had a pizza with shrimps and anchovies and some pasta (spaghetti) with shrimp and mushrooms. It had to be quick because we had an appointment at the hotel to do some TV.

    Tomorrow I practice at 1 PM, which means that Ill go to the club around 11:30 AM to practice and after having lunch I will come to the hotel in order to relax. Im sorry for not having photos today either but I cannot find the camera. I will look for it in the room or maybe in the locker room to see if I can find it.

    A hug to everybody and hasta mañana.



    Live together, die alone!

    2007-06-07 18:22:48

    Tuesday, June 5, 2007


    Hello Everybody.

    Another day here in Paris during the second week of Roland Garros. I dont know but it seems like we arrived in Paris yesterday but its also true that weve been here for many days, thinking about the fact that weve almost been here for two weeks now.

    Today was also a rather normal day. We went to the club at 11:30 AM and practiced around 1 PM on court 11. Today Vitto had organized for practice with a 16 year-old junior who of course plays the junior tournament and whose name is Vladimir Ignatik. Hes from Belarus like Max Mirnyi who came to practice on the same court with his partner Björkman as we finished. After that I ate at the club, having the typical spaghetti with fish and butter. I ate with my father, Maymo, Tuts and Carlos Costa. Everything was good. I saw that Charly ate before us and said hi to him. Juan Amador, a journalist from Mallorca who is here covering the tournament took a picture of us and said hi.

    Carlos Costa, Rafa Maymo, Toni, Benito, Pepote Ballester and Tito Tous who came from Mallorca today went to play football. In theory they were my team (because they played with my colours) against Nalbandians team. They lost like 14-3. A disaster. And they came back telling me that they won Actually I stayed in my room when they went to play, relaxing and preparing for tomorrows match against Carlos. Before that Rafa gave me a massage in order to relax and stretch well.


    After that I only played the play station in my room before going to dinner. When there are no matches because players are missing (Ferru went already back to Spain), I use to play the Master Liga. Today I got Tevez for my team and Im playing as Manchester. I did a great match against Zaragoza. Lobito talks about him a lot and so I decided to buy him and to see how he is.

    The other day I told you that I didnt find the camera, I think it was yesterday and today I finally found it on the table J I put you a few pictures here and Ill comment them: This is a picture which was taken the day of my birthday during the action the tournament had organized for me. The picture which you see in the press is the one those photographers are taking with the cameras you can see. Lets say this is what you dont see in the press.


    The other one is with my father and Carlos Costa, having dinner at my birthday which I already told you. The other shows Tuts from Nike, about who I already told you, he had arrived that day, Carlos Costa my manager, Vitto from the ATP and myself.

    And the last picture was sent to me by Benito today and he told me that Rosana sent it today. Its the picture they took with the huge ice cream that TVE gave to me for my birthday on Sunday (above). The question is: What did I do with the nine and a half liters? Well I took them to the hotel and told them to put it in the freezer. Every afternoon since Sunday and also every night after dinner theres a small ice cream degustation in the lobby of the hotel. There is everybody who almost doesnt fit the pants having ice cream hehehe. We still have more than half of it.

    The last picture has been taken during the practice session on Sunday. Theres a lot of people at practice and thats really nice. You feel very good with the people and they show you that they like you.


    Well I imagine that you want me to tell you about tomorrows match (todays when you are reading the blog). As I said I know that it will be a very difficult match. Carlos is playing at a great level. He already did it in Hamburg when he beat three Top 10 players during the week and got close to beat Federer. We know each others very well and have played and practiced many times. I know that hes the person I care less about losing against but its clear that Ill do everything I can in order not to lose. Its a pity that we play against each others but its also good to know that one of us will advance. I dont know, its a strange sensation, but thats how sports and tennis are. On court well show the highest respect for each others but there we will be rivals and well have to forget about our friendship. Five minutes before and five minutes after well again be the friends we are.

    Bona sort! (this means good luck in Catalan).

    Hasta mañana,



    Live together, die alone!