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2007-06-07 18:12:38
Lady_Zagadka написал(а):

  Sunday, June 3, 2007


Hello Everybody on a special day for me. As many of you know, today is my 21st birthday.

First of all I would like to thank all the people who've sent me messages and gifts. That surprises me every time and I’m grateful about it. I know that messages have been sent from all around the world. I’ve seen messages from Hawaii, Argentina, Peru, Canada, Uruguay, Colombia etc. Thank you so much. You know that I cannot read all of them, but they are there and I’m grateful. I would also like to send special greetings to the people of my web team who receive all those messages as well as to the people who do the other sites. THANK YOU!!!

Today has been a “normal” day. Probably it would have been different if I was at home. Normally I would have gone out for lunch with my family and then out for dinner with my friends at night. But this is the third year in a row that I celebrate my birthday here in Paris during Roland Garros. I don’t want to say that I’m not happy about that. The opposite is the case. I’m happy to celebrate it here because it means that I’m still in the tournament. Saying that, I can tell you that I did more or less the normal things of every day here in Roland Garros. In the morning I came directly to the club at 11:15 AM. I didn’t have time to have breakfast because breakfast closes at 11 in the hotel on weekends. Normally I would have arrived 10:55 AM, but last night…last night…well we played the last play station game…the last game with the quartet that has been competing for a few months now. Ferru and I won one game and lost another… I imagine that you must already be tired of so much play station, I talk a lot about the play station, but let me tell you that we really had a lot of fun and we were playing with plenty of enthusiasm. Yesterday Ferru lost and today David lost, so they will leave and I will have to play together with Moyini against the others to “clean shots” as you say in terms of tennis. I’ll tell you…

As I told you we went to the club to practice in the morning. Today I practiced with a Portuguese boy whose name is Gastao Elias and who plays in the junior tournament here. Francis Roig put me in contact with him from the distance and Vitto Selmi took care of coordinating the practice session together with my uncle Toni. Today we practiced on court 13, which is pretty far away from Center Court. It’s just behind Suzanne Lenglen and there were lots of people during my practice session. While I was practicing they were singing Happy Birthday. Later I got to know that it was Rosana Romero’s idea, the girl from TVE who follows tennis… As I told you there were a lot of people and I’m grateful for all the support they give me. Besides my uncle Toni and Rafa Maymo who are always with me during my practice sessions, there were also my father, Vitto and Benito. To reach that court there are a few small paths without people, which allows us to reach the courts quickly. If we had to walk in the middle of the people it would take us quite some time. I don’t say it because of me, but because of all the people who stay in the club. It’s impressive.

After practice I ran to the locker room because I wanted to see the MotoGP race. Actually I also like motorbikes a lot, all categories and I also follow all the races. I had an appointment with the media at 2:45 PM and to tell you the truth I arrived a bit late because I wanted to see the last laps of the race. The meeting with the press was a “surprise” organized by the tournament and they had a cake and champagne to celebrate the birthday. There were loads of photographers and cameras, those of you who follow the media and TV might have seen it. To tell you the truth, I don’t like such actions a lot. I also told Benito because like that everything looks very artificial. I understand that we have to do it in order to have a birthday picture and I’m also grateful for all the media showing up. But I already told you that I don’t like it too much because it is somewhat artificial. Well, as Moyini would say, that’s how it goes. After that I went to eat quietly.

I had an appointment with TVE and together with Carlos Costa I went to their set which they have here at the tournament and we were chatting with Alex and Rosana for a while. While we were “on air” they gave me a giant ice cream which was a barrel (is this how you call it?) of cookies and cream. A detail, but I preferred not to eat more than what you saw… Without showing it on camera they also gave me a gift which I liked very much. This year TVE comes to all the most important tournaments. At the beginning of the year Rosana came to Melbourne with a camera man called Miguel (there was also somebody for the sound called Andres and I would like to say hi to him). He’s a camera man at TVE who goes to all (or almost all) wars and he can tell you a thousand stories. Already in Melbourne he told us a few. He’s a very nice guy and in Melbourne I was impressed about what he told us and what he had been through. Actually he didn’t come to more tournaments after Melbourne and suddenly he’s here again. He told me that he has been in Iraq and other places during that time and he gave me a collection of bills of Saddam Hussein which he brought from his last trip to Iraq. A detail which I liked a lot. Thousand thanks, Miguel! I hope to see you at more tournaments! Hehehe.

Well after that I went to the hotel to relax during the afternoon. Tonight I will go out for dinner with my father, my uncle, Rafa, Carlos and I’ve been told that Tuts arrived as well. Tuts is the person from Nike who helps us with everything. A phenomenon! Tomorrow I will show you pictures from today. I don’t have time to insert them now, because I have to go to the dinner appointment. Tomorrow I will put a few from today.

Hugs to everybody and thanks again for all the messages you sent today.


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