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  • Marin Cilic (2,970)
  • Fernando Gonzalez (2,925)

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- "Monterrey Open" .

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    2007-06-07 18:04:06

    Friday, June 1, 2007

    Hello everybody on another day.


    Well, many of you will be waiting for the pictures and the results of the play station game of the other night. I can tell you that at the end the stake couldnt be paid by one of the two teams. David Nalbandian played his match today more or less at the same time as our practice session ended and our schedule didnt match David Ferrers either. Well see tomorrow if the winning team gets what it deserves from the losing team.

    Today we went to the club at noon. Today we went in a car with a driver who spoke Spanish which I think is great, my uncle Toni, Rafa Maymo and Benito Perez-Barbadillo, my PR manager who finally managed to get up in time to come with us because we left a bit later today he, he, he. He says that he works from the room in the morning I dont know.

    First I wanted to practice with Toni from 12:30 PM on, but since there was plenty of traffic from the hotel to Roland Garros it took us more time than usually. In the car we were talking a bit about history, my uncle knows history very well. He never stops talking about those things and today we were talking about North American presidents because we drove through Roosevelt Avenue. We also listened to the radio in the car and heard one of the best songs of the year. The problem is that I dont know its name and I cannot tell you which one it is nor download it from the Internet. I might try to find it tomorrow.

    As I said we arrived a bit later than usually because of traffic. At the beginning we had planned the practice session with my uncle. As we arrived we saw that Carlos Moya went to practice on the ground courts next to Roland Garros and I asked him if he wanted to practice with us. I know that Lobito was already prepared to practice and warmed-up. I came directly from the hotel with the tape on my ankles and ready to practice, therefore I just went to the locker room to get the rackets and then I went to practice. The practice went pretty well today and we were laughing a lot. Before starting we talked about the play station game of the night before and Moyini told me that he had read in the blog that I was going to show the pictures of the stake. He told me no way nanai so I wont be able to show anything once again. Youll already know who won that game David N destroying joysticks, Moyini vetoing pictures in the blog I dont have to say anything else.


    Coming back to todays practice session I tell you that we played three Eleven after warming-up. That means that we play to eleven points and you have to win with a two-point difference. We do it without serve and you cannot play return winners. We laugh a lot despite playing seriously, because it seemed that some balls were stolen. Actually I have the picture of a ball, which Charly told me was out and you can see that it was good. They also took a picture of us while we were discussing and there you can see Lobito laughing and covering his eyes in order to say that he hasnt seen the ball, as well as Toni and Moyini who laugh like crazy. In the other pictures you see me discussing the ball, which was in for me, but they told me it was out he, he, he. We try to keep a great atmosphere at these tournaments.

    Hugs to everybody and gracias.



    Live together, die alone!

    2007-06-07 18:11:05

    Saturday, June 2, 2007


    Hello Everybody on another day.

    Today was a day of competition, a day on which I do more or less the same thing. Actually I dont really know what to tell you today. I had breakfast in the hotel, after that I took a car to go to the tournament and warm-up.

    Vittorio Selmi of the ATP found me a player to warm-up with today. I had already practiced with him in Rome and hes a pretty cool guy. After that I went to the locker room and waited for the match to start. Actually today the matches to be played before mine were pretty quick and therefore I didnt play too late. Even better. In the locker room I saw matches on the screens that we have there while I was listening to music and preparing the rackets.

    But today my father surprised me. Without saying anything he appeared in Paris, he came here for the weekend. I was very happy about that. You know how many people stay with me here, but still nobody told me anything. You all know, especially if youve read the book that talks about the last few years, that I have a very good and special relationship with my father. We had very tough moments last year and he always supported me. Last year after the final it was very emotional to hug him. Well, I wont explain everything either. You already know.

    Since today I dont have much to tell you either, Ill tell you that today I read more of the comments and messages about the blog. I saw that people are asking about the flavor of ice cream. I usually take three balls of vanilla with cookies. Today I had one on the way back to the hotel after dinner and beforethe big game of play station. Once again it was the quartet that is due to come to its end, since Ferru lost today and will go back to Spain.


    Also somebody told me to talk about the matches, but I dont think that its correct, since the press is here in Paris to cover the tournament. As I already said I think is fair for them. In this blog I write things that usually dont interest a journalist very much. They usually dont have enough space to talk about those things.

    Today I practice at noon and after that Ive been told that I have a few activities with the press. Actually I would prefer to be quiet and not do many things those days. Things is a question of routine, but I know that I have to do certain things. For example tomorrow the press will come when the tournament will celebrate a players birthday as always by bringing me a cake. I imagine that tomorrow youll able to see that on TV or in the newspapers. They also told me that Ill do an interview for TVE tomorrow here at the tournament. Talking about birthdays here I remember that two years ago Pau Gasol came to the interview room in the middle of the press conference with a cake and a few bottles of Champagne. I knew that Pau was watching the match but I didnt expect him to come with this cake. Last year it was something more artificial because it had been prepared and I imagine that tomorrow it will be something similar. I hope that this year my uncle wont throw cake in my face as he did last year.

    Well also see if I can blow out the candles Last year it was a show.

    Well, I have to go now, Im sorry that I dont have pictures today. I forgot the camera in the hotel Sorry about that

    Greetings to everybody and hasta mañana.

    P.S. The pictures of the stakes have been censored, so nothing, we only have to say that tonight


    Live together, die alone!