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    2007-06-07 17:55:14

    Wednesday, May 30, 2007

    Hello Everybody once again,

    I write the blog for you and first of all I would like to thank you for all the comments you write on the sites. I havent had time to read all of them and I dont know if I will, but Ill try to see all of them. Thousand thanks.


    Ill tell you quickly about today, once again Ive started writing the blog a bit late today. I could have written it before, but I was busy and didnt do it. Therefore it will be a bit shorter.

    Today was a day of relaxing for me. I didnt have a match and I only practiced. Besides the tennis I also had some work to do with the press. The two pictures from today where taken when I was with them. I had agreed to meet them at 3:15 PM in the players restaurant and I was on time. I took a quick shower in the locker room after practise and went to eat with my uncle and Rafa Maymo once again. I had a plate of white pasta with fish. To tell you the truth, I must say that you dont eat very well in the players restaurant at this tournament, but you dont have to complain about it either. There are worse things in the world and I dont like to complain nor criticize. This is only a comment.

    So I ate as I told you and then I met with the Spanish journalists who came to this tournament. I could name everybody, but if I forget somebody he might get upset, therefore I made people take this picture to let you see all of them (or almost all of them). Usually I meet with them during tournaments before Roland Garros and we do the interviews there. This year it was difficult because of all the matches and my press officer also told me because I played doubles in Barcelona and had less time because of that. Therefore we decided to spend some time with them to talk about the tournament, how I got here, etc. I think that its normal to meet with them, because they make the effort to come here, hopefully for many days and thats good for me and the other Spanish players in the draw. We have to give them some of our time. I stayed with them for about 30 minutes and we talked a bit about everything. I suppose that youll read in the media what weve talked about. It was curious that we started outside the restaurant but then I was told to go inside because there was too much noise.


    Besides that it was a quiet day as I said, since I went back to the hotel a bit earlier than usually. I got back at 4:30 PM and started looking at things on the computer. I usually read the press, chat with my friends or watch a movie. Thats when I saw the messages and comments that you wrote about the blog. Talking about movies, I saw The English Patient which is a great movie to me, very good. I always bring movies to watch on the computer or the playstation in my room. Rafa Maymo joins me most of the time to watch them with me.

    A bit later, around 7:30 PM I played the playstation with Maymo (hes very bad hehehe) before we went to dinner. Who did I go with? With Moyini, Lobito (his coach), Pere (his trainer) and Maymo. One day Ill talk about Lobito because he is a phenomenon. Very funny. We were laughing a lot with him in Rome and especially in Hamburg. Today he was very happy about Carlos win. Me too, Im very happy for him because the match became difficult, starting with 4-0 down in the fourth set today.

    Well, tomorrow Ill get up more or less early, Ill have breakfast and go to the club to practice and concentrate on the match against Cipolla. I play on court Suzanne Lenglen which is a bit slower than Center Court. Well see how it goes.

    Thanks to everybody and hasta mañana.

    Rafa Nadal


    Live together, die alone!

    2007-06-07 17:58:59

    Thursday, May 31, 2007

    Hola, everybody once again. Today I write very late, very late and from the hotel as always. Today was a day of competition and to tell you the truth Im very happy to be in the third round. I played on court Suzanne Lenglen which is a bit slower and you never know. Carlos Moya told me that he lost five times there.


    Well, today I left the hotel at 10:30 in the morning. Before that I went downstairs to have breakfast with my colleagues. There where Maymo, Lobito, Pere and Carlos Costa who came in while he was having a look at the media. I had bread with nocilla or Nutella, I dont know. Or lets say bread with chocolate and a few juices.

    Actually we left a bit later than 10:30 AM, around 10:40 AM because my uncle Toni came downstairs a bit later. He usually comes downstairs a bit earlier and goes for a walk in the morning. We waited downstairs in the tournament car to go to the site. There I had to warm-up and do the same as always. I actually like to do the same thing every time. I have my routine which almost everybody knows. After warming-up I usually dont leave the locker room if I dont go to the restaurant to eat something. Tomorrow Ill tell you more about my routine in the locker room.

    Yesterday people were talking a lot about the crowd. I told the press that besides two years ago during my match with Grosjean Ive never had any complaints about the crowd here. They treat me well, especially in places or tournaments like Marseille. Here too. When I go to the courts to practice they are always packed with people who say hi to me, ask for autographs and show me that they like me. I really dont have any problem.

    Maybe the translation error after last years final had some influence. I remember that I started my speech congratulating Roger Federer, saying that I was very happy and proud to have beaten him and that he might be the best tennis player of all times. The translator (which we know well because hes also in Monte-Carlo and at some others tournaments) didnt understand well what I said and translated the opposite, which would mean that I was the best player of all times, etc. Afterwards he came to the locker room and said that he was sorry about the mistake. He didnt have his best day. That happens to all of us. The case is that maybe the crowd still remembers that, but well, I dont think that its a big deal.

    Talking about today again, tonight a few of us we went for dinner and Ill show you a few pictures we took. We went to a pizzeria again and had some ice cream afterwards. I had my typical gambas, which I love; olives, which I also like a lot and a plate of pasta, which only I eat (because its white with butter or oil). On the pictures you see Albert Costa who coaches Feli Lopez (Fidgiano), Carlos Costa, Rafa Maymo, my uncle Toni and Francis Roig who stays in a club outside Paris with a few pupils who play in a satellite tournament not far away from here. He comes whenever he can and we also talk over the phone quite often. You also know that he comes with me to some tournaments and to practise when my uncle Toni doesnt come.

    Today we ate pretty fast and went back quickly at 11 PM, because we had another meeting. Youll already know what Im talking about A playstation match!!! The legendary Ferru (David Ferrer) and myself against our tough opponents Moyini (Carlos Moya) and David Nalbandian. A match of five again and something at stake Ill tell you tomorrow and I hope that Ill have photos If I can tell you that David Nalbandian broke a joystick again. A new joystick, which we bought yesterday. This one I offered to him, but the one from tomorrow he will pay for You can inagine who the winners wereI dont say anythingyoull see the pictures tomorrow Of course we played as pros.


    At the end of todays press conference they asked me about those games. I dont know if Ferru or Moyini talked about what is at stake I dont and its better because all of us lose at some point Finally. Actually we were laughing a lot in the press conference.

    I would also like to comment a bit about what I told you in yesterdays blog. I usually dont talk about matches here, about how I feel and also those more technical things because the press who comes to Roland Garros tells you about that. Here I tell you about the little things which I dont think are very interesting to write about in the newspapers or talk about on the radio or on TV.

    Well, as its so late Ill go to sleep. Im sorry that its so short again. Tomorrow Ill tell you more and lets hope that it wont be only about the playstation.

    Greetings to everybody and thanks for all your support messages. Today I didnt have time to see many of them.

    Rafa Nadal


    Live together, die alone!