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Блог Елены Янкович в Indian Wells

2008-03-16 15:39:18
Blueberry написал(а):

Saturday, March 15, 2008

My lovely fans,

So I played my first match of the tournament today and I feel like I did a really good job in it. The conditions were quite tough because it was very windy and a lot cooler than the last few days, but that made me even more focused and I was able to overcome them. My opponent played some good tennis at the beginning of the second set and was the better player at that time, but I was able to regain my rhythm and finished the match really well.

I was first up at 11am but that wasn't a problem for me, because as you've all been reading, I've been waking up very early this week! When I was playing in the Middle East and India in the weeks before this tournament, I was waking up around 10am, 11am, even noon, because I was playing much later in the day there. But with the time difference I've been able to change that sleeping pattern here. And I like waking up early; I like doing my work and getting my job done while everyone is still sleeping! In the mornings it's not so crowded and much easier to do your work.

After my match I went and had another light hit, just to hit some more strokes. I also had a fitness session, my press conference and some other interviews. One of my interviews was for TV and I wished Monica good luck for Dancing With The Stars, which starts this week!

I just got back from participating in the Trina Turk fashion show. I'm putting a picture of it up so you can all see! One of my favorite parts was getting my hair done; just recently I was talking to Larry Scott's wife, Cybille, and I told her I like changing my hairdos (mainly off the court, because on court you always have to tie your hair back so it doesn't get in your eyes). And she was giving me some ideas of what to do, and she told me about these pink hair extensions, which are now popular in high fashion. Today she told me to try them out and see how they look, and I did it! I have two pieces of fuscia in my hair. It's hard to see when I'm playing but when I pull my hair back you'll be able to catch a glimpse of it. They are just temporary and if I want to take them off it'll only take the hairdresser a few minutes to take them off. I just like experimenting with things now and then. Because fashion is all about experimenting, mixing and matching, and seeing what styles suit you best, and that's the fun part I also have my own limited edition fashion line in Serbia; I know what I want and what I like, it's just a matter of wearing what you feel comfortable in, what suits your body type the best, what brings out your best attributes.

Anyway, for the fashion show I got to come out for two runway walks with a different dress each time. For the first one I wore a yellow dress that looked like it was from the '60s, and I also had this funky yellow eye shadow on. The second time I came out I had short shorts, a black top and a white jacket, and huge high heels! The high heels were coming off a little bit while I was posing, probably because they were a little small for me, but luckily I managed to pull it off. We all enjoyed the show, but the only bad part was that it was very cold.

Now I'm just going to go and have some dinner with my friends and my team. After I come back I'll probably have a hot bath to thaw from tonight; I'll probably have some nice aromatherapy oil and go to bed.

I'll catch you all tomorrow,

JJ ♥

Fan questions answered...

The picture on the homepage of your website is fun. How did you guys come up with that idea? - Sophie, Switzerland
I'm not sure exactly who came up with it; the person who does my website and some other people in my team thought it would be nice to have a picture that shows I'm a tennis player but also that I like doing other things, showing a different side. I really like it. We'll be changing it regularly though. We have a new picture coming soon that will show a different side of me, not as gentle as that one, more of a fierce pose... I like to change things up!

How your backhand down the line has developed into such a huge weapon? - Nat and Josh, Australia
Actually, it's natural! I've had that shot ever since I started playing, when I was nine and a half years old. Of course now I'm bigger and stronger, but the technique has always been the same.

If you had to choose, which of the Williams Sisters would you prefer to play? - Darius, USA
That's a tough question! I don't know which one I'd prefer. Both of them are great champions and both are very tough to beat. I really have to play my best in order to beat either of them. Their serves are some of the best in the game and they're both very powerful.

Will you still play professional tennis when you are 30? - Maya, Serbia
Another tough question. I'm still very young and still have a long way to go. It depends on my health situation and how well my body holds up, and also if I'm enjoying it. It's very tough to say now. You don't even know what will happen tomorrow, so it's difficult to say what'll happen in five or 10 years.


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