• Roger Federer (11,350)
  • Novak Djokovic (8,310)
  • Rafael Nadal (7,440)
  • Andy Murray (7,255)
  • Juan Martin Del Potro (6,275)
  • Nikolay Davydenko (5,290)
  • Robin Soderling (3,905)
  • Andy Roddick (3,720)
  • Marin Cilic (2,970)
  • Fernando Gonzalez (2,925)

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  • Noles DIARY

    2008-01-11 13:33:40

    Second edition of DIARY from Kangarooland!

    10.01.2008. (16:00)

    As I promised, I would write more often

    Im glad that people have mostly taken my last diary entry positively I know how much you would like to know what is going on off the court, and therefore Ill try to write in future

    I mentioned in my last entry that I would tell you a bit about the Maldives (the islands where I spent my vacation)! I dont want to write much about the tropic island, because Im conscious of the fact that lot of people cant afford themselves to go to the places like that! I dont want people to hate me for that!

    I was on Maldive Islands for the first time in my life, and my girlfriend Jelena was with me on this beautiful destination regarding that we were on a rather small island, we couldnt have many activities! But thats exactly what we needed most, a TOTAL RELAXATION At least it was like that for the first three days, and then I couldnt take it anymore, and I just had to find some activity!
    Ive discovered my new passion - DIVING!

    The colour of the water is fluorescent blue, its clean and warm like a pond The Maldives are one of the most attractive destinations for diving. We met a married couple from England that had been coming to the Maldives for years only for diving! Since weve never tried underwater adventures, we decided to dive. We both have some problems with water and a certain fear from the sea depth, and we were sceptical at the beginning that something might seize us! Of course, we had our instructor who explained us everything and convinced us that everything would be allright if we went by rules

    After some exercise and our first diving on 9-10 metres, the feeling was so wonderful, that we had to do it again! Than we had a choice: either were going to continue with adventurous diving to the maximum depth to 10 m, or to attend the course and take the test for the diving license and the maximum depth to 18 m. We accepted the other option because of my great wish to have a close encounter with a shark! I know this sounds near-insanely, but I have that desire Sharks are the animals Im probably most afraid of, but also attracted to Ive read a lot about them, and I think I would know how to defend myself, if the one attacked me, hahaha! I have a feeling that if it opened that enormous jaw and headed towards me, I would get drowned immediately, and I wouldnt even feel when becoming its meal!

    Anyway, in the end we didnt have a close encounter with sharks in the depth, because they are down deep under 30m.

    And for that I need one more license.

    However weve seen sharks 1m long in the shallow spot, but they are not dangerous if they attack you they just bite off your finger or toe! And its nothing, we have 10 of each!
    We needed 5-6 days to finish our exams and two large books on diving! I didnt know it could be so complicated, but it was worth it! We saw different creatures under the water: from giant turtles, eels, various fishes, but what attracted our attention most, were giant rays called MANTA RAYS. They can be 3m long, but they are peaceful creatures.

    Beside diving attractions, we were mainly enjoying, sunbathing, swimming, riding bicycle (which is the main mean of transport on that island), we had romantic dinners and adventures
    I think I deserved to have two-three weeks of vacation just for her and me, after such a long, exhausting, but also successful season

    After the Maldives we went to Israel. The journey to Tel Aviv was pretty long one, cause there are no direct flights from many Arab countries (because of the well-known reasons), so we had to go round. We spent only three days there, but we had a wonderful time enjoying in the attractions of a holy land. As I mentioned, holy land (Jerusalem) was our main tourist attraction
    As a Christian I simply felt obligation to see all the sights of a holy land. We passed through street VIA DOLOROSA, through which Jesus Christ carried the cross, and that has seven stops. When the Christians have their regular prayer, they stand at every stop and pray for several minutes. People follow them in pilgrimage with great pride and faith in God! That scene is incredible, and every religious man, feels enlightened We also touched the stone where Jesus was crusified, and we kissed the slab he was lying on when they took him off the cross! The most famous Christian church in the world is plentiful with the icons of Jesus, of his crusifixion and resurrection, and other saints icons.

    We were also in front of the Wailing Wall, where there are hundreds of Jews praying, and lot of tourists leaving short notes in the holes of the Wall. There is a long story about the Wailing Wall and there are stories about all the other parts of the holy land, that our guide was telling us, and we were listening with the great content and attention.

    I recommend to everyone who has opportunity and who hasnt been to Israel and Jerusalem, to go in future by all means

    That was our first day in Israel, and we were already thrilled We spent second day sightseeing round the country, and we managed to see all of it in 5-6 hours! How? Well, from the air of course! My two managers are from Israel,as well as my fitness couch, and they were the organisers of our stay there. My manager Amits sister is a pilot, and she has her small plane, from which we saw the greater part of Israel. We saw and got to know some new things again, and one of the best attractions is the Dead Sea.

    The Dead Sea is situated 400m under the sea level, which makes it a world miracle. It is said that many tourists bath there during the season and they experience amazing scene. The density of water is high, and when they are still they float, and dont sink,they could actually with no problems turn on their back and read papers, not having to worry if they would sink Interesting, isnt it!?

    I spent my last day doing some examinations and tests, mainly of my physical stamina! And that was the main reason why we came to Israel!

    After almost two and a half weeks of holiday and adventures, we came back to Belgrade, where I had new commitments and humanitarian exhibition in Arena, called NAJJ; Ill write about it in my next entry

    This was a pretty long and (I hope for you) satisfying diary, that will help me make up for all those days of not writing, hahaha!

    Regards from Kangarooland!

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