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Теннис Онлайн

2008-01-11 13:29:17
Blueberry написал(а):

Diary no. 9 (Melbourne)

08.01.2008. (15:40)

It’s been a long time since my last diary entry, and I know that some of my fans are maybe a bit angry with me, cause I haven’t been writing more often! I understand you and I promise to write you more often in future and let you know what’s going on here,in addition to what you can see or hear every day.

It’s hard to begin... cause really lots of things were going on, and I’ll try to shortly describe all of them to you. Most people are probably curious about how I felt in US Open finals and how much the success on US hard courts ment to me.

The win in Montreal is the greatest success of my career, after which many doors opened for me, and after what I started to believe in my qualities even more! With wins over three best ranked players in the world, I proved to myself and to everyone else that I deserved my place among the best...

Many people asked me what meant more to me, the finals of US Open or Montreal! I can’t compare those two, because both achievements are special in their own way! The dream of every professional player is to win a Grand Slam title, and everyone has his own particular goal. My life goal is to be no.1! I’ve repeated that on several occasions, and I’m trying to reach that goal. I’m closer to it, but there’s still long way to go to the throne... Still, I am in no hurry, I’m only 20, and if I enjoy good health, I will play tennis professionally for 10, 15 years more... Of course, everything in its time...

I was lucky to have people by my side, who believed in me all the way, giving me support and injected me self-confidence, as well as the winning spirit! My mentality and my life goal, seemed arrogant and unrealistic to many people, but I was brought up like that, and it brought me here where I am (for now), to no.3 rankings in the world. What’s more to add is an absolute professionalism that includes sacrifice, hard work, effort, will, desire for success...

The finals of US Open is one of two most memorable experiences in my career till now… When we went on court 23.000 people stood up and greeted us with a great applause! When you experience the moment like that, you’re very proud of yourself, and with that gesture the tennis fans in New York showed how much they appreciated what the two players had achieved… The second greatest moment I had in my career was Davis Cup in Belgrade vs Australia! 20.000 of our fans cheered at the top of their voice, and I think there’s no win more sweet than the one in front of your home crowd. There was huge pressure, and it was normal that tennis fans expected us to win, and to go through to the World Group, wanted and waited for,so long. We all had great responsibility, especially I as the best ranked player and the leader of our team.

The organisation was at the very high level. We did everything to secure our guests have a pleasant stay in our country, and to have all the necessary conditions! The only problem was the court (that was at the same time the most important factor), but it was the same for us as it was for them... Australians complained every day, especially their first player, even the umpire bowed and scraped under his pressure. One day, we had to train after Australian team,who were said not to play the points for the first 2-3 days, because of the holes that were made when there was running and slipping… They didn’t want to fulfil that request so it could bring good to both teams, and that’s why people who were working on court didn’t have enough time to recover the court before the matches.

The Australians were playing points, and at the end of the training they made a huge hole, and they gathered around it...,the umpire said ‘Luckily Hewitt wasn’t here to see this’. We were speechless to his comment, because we couldn’t believe that the umpire didn’t have authority, and that he actually took their side! But in the end, we lived up to expectations and brought the win to our country,in an atmosphere not seen at the tennis courts before. Tennis fans in Serbia showed how much they loved tennis and it’s realistic and rightful to expect ATP and WTA tournament in Serbia very soon...

When we won in Davis Cup over Zimbabwe in Novi Sad,the celebration was amazing, so we thought we could celebrate again, this time in Belgrade! We went to club ‘Magacin’, where everything was arranged in advance. However we didn’t like it, cause there were many people around us, wanting to celebrate together with us, so we didn’t celebrate it the way we wished...

Unfortunately it’s becoming harder organizing an evening out in Belgrade, cause there are more and more people visiting our night clubs (of course because Belgrade has the great reputation in Europe as one of the wildest and best cities to go out and party!)

Shanghai was a BAD experience (unfortunately). Tiredness and the physical exhaustion prevented me from playing my game at recognisable level! I don’t turn back and regret, but I draw a lesson from it, and the life goes on. The season is too long, and oscillations and ups and downs are part of it, but those who can reduce them to the minimum - survive...

After that I had a necessary and deserved holiday, and I will show you some photos in my next diary entry,and tell you about it...

Best regards from your Kangaroo and his family from Down Under country, where the sun is burning, and we’re making good of every precious moment, enjoying

P.S. Honestly, I wish I were in Belgrade now, eating hamburgers and grilled chicken legs at Loki Hahaha...

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Осень опять надевается с рукавов,
Электризует волосы - ворот узок.
Мальчик мой, я надеюсь, что ты здоров
И бережёшься слишком больших нагрузок.
Мир кладёт тебе в книги душистых слов,
А в динамики - новых музык.
Город после лета стоит худым,
Зябким, как в семь утра после вечеринки.
Ничего не движется, даже дым.
Только птицы под небом плавают, как чаинки,
И прохожий смеется паром, уже седым.

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