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2008-01-11 13:26:27
Blueberry написал(а):

Diary no. 5 (Belgrade)

05.02.2007. (20:00)

Ahoy (Hello in Czechoslovak), good people!

Will I at last manage to write you something? Some have probably already given up the fact that I will write my diary, and some are that angry that they are planning to kill me
Honestly, I have been trying to write you all the newest pranks, but I haven't been too lucky with computers and Internet! But, ok, I hope I will succeed now!

Some people asked me how I spent New Year's Eve in Australia, Christmas, Serbian New Year... Well, like this

If you are now expecting some drinking, breaking glasses, bottles, dancing on the tables, putting cash in accordions, folk music, you will unfortunately be disappointed Like every other NORMAL professional sportsman I have to set my self some priorities (training, tournaments, my profession, in general) before partying! Sometimes it can HURT, considering what parties can be like! I don't regret that I don't have a lot of time for fun... Tennis has given me a lot of other precious things, and there is always time for fun!

This year, unlike last 3, I didn't play on the 1st of January, so I could have stayed up a little longer (till 00:15)! Hehe, I am kidding, we stayed till 1:30 or 2:00! I have usually celebrated New Year on Kopaonik in my restaurant with my parents, friends and a lot of music, petards, fireworks! It was always loud and jolly, but this New Year wasn't one of those! I was with Tipsarevic, Petrovic (captain), Marjan (coach), with some other friends in a cafe and we celebrated New Year with a light cocktail! It was a calm and cosy evening until we went to our brothers the SERBS A Serbian night was organized in some night club in Adelaide! It was O.K. but I am not a great fan of Serbian evenings abroad! My coach drank a little too much so he started to worship Ceca, whose concert from Usce was being broadcast on TV! He was saying that she was a GODDESS when she can sing in front of so many people without stage fear! We were laughing and soon we had to take him home, cause if we stayed any longer he could have jumped on the stage! Christmas was special because I won my 3rd career title and first of 2007 on that day! A lot of Serbs came to support me, but in general - the attendance wasn't too big even if an Aussie was playing the final! I got a lot of invitations for lunches, dinners, but I couldn't make it to all, because I played the doubles final, too and finished unluckily It all lasted long so I decided to celebrate with the people close to me with champaigne and music... I didn't make it to the church on Christmas, so I used saturday night to visit the Temple of St. Sava and light candles! It is one of the most beautiful temples I have ever seen...

The next day we were very tired, but we travelled to Melbourne and had a lot of sleep in the hotel! For already a few years I am staying in suites close to Melbourne Park, where the Australian Open is held! The place isn't bad, but they weren't really fair to me this year so next year I am changing the hotel!

Melbourne was usually BUSY, because I had something to do or somebody to see all the time, but I spent most of the time on the courts (what a surprise, ha?)
If I would start writing what was happening in Melbourne I wouldn't be able to move anymore! I am joking, nothing too interesting happened rather than tennis! Ofcourse nothing I could tell you, and write you I would highlight one thing from Melbourne: Federer kicked my ass I am jokin, I can't be unsatisfied with the results I achieved and the resistance I gave to the best player in the world! It can always get better, that is why I am working hard in Belgrade!

Ahh, BELGRADE... The city to which I always return and which has a special place in my heart! Nothing can exchange the uniqueness of Belgrade! When ever I come there I experience lots of new, crazy things! Some days ago I stopped at a traffic light and the gypsies begged me for money! They did it so good I had to pay each member of their group! There was four of them and each had his own role! Two days I was recording a commercial for HYPO ALPE ADRIA bank, which you'll be able to see soon! It wasn't easy, now I realise how hard it is to record an ad not to mention a film! I worked with the team that did clips with Jelena Jankovic and Ana Ivanovic! It was really interesting, but it too ka lot of time which bothered me a bit because I was in training! I got compliments that I was great, but I doubt they were sincere I think I was funny, that I am clumsy and that I shouldn't do that anymore! Hehe, I am my own biggest critic! Anyway I gained another interesting experience which I might need in the future!

I am training everyday with my fitness coach and my coach on Gemax and Colonial San so if you want, stop by!

I have a lot of obligations so I really gotta go!

If this succeeds I am writing soon, I PROMISE!

Lots of regards and SHALOM (Hebrew Hello!)

Your Nokia

Подпись автора

Осень опять надевается с рукавов,
Электризует волосы - ворот узок.
Мальчик мой, я надеюсь, что ты здоров
И бережёшься слишком больших нагрузок.
Мир кладёт тебе в книги душистых слов,
А в динамики - новых музык.
Город после лета стоит худым,
Зябким, как в семь утра после вечеринки.
Ничего не движется, даже дым.
Только птицы под небом плавают, как чаинки,
И прохожий смеется паром, уже седым.

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