• Roger Federer (11,350)
  • Novak Djokovic (8,310)
  • Rafael Nadal (7,440)
  • Andy Murray (7,255)
  • Juan Martin Del Potro (6,275)
  • Nikolay Davydenko (5,290)
  • Robin Soderling (3,905)
  • Andy Roddick (3,720)
  • Marin Cilic (2,970)
  • Fernando Gonzalez (2,925)

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- "Monterrey Open" .

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    Transcript - Marat Safin (Russia)

    MARAT SAFIN (Russia)

    Ladies and gentlemen, hes two from two in 2009. Congratulations to Marat Safin.

    Marat, does it feel like the form is improving match by match?

    (Marat) Well, I get inspired by the girls, with the match before. My sister and her opponent played incredible tennis. I think we both enjoy it here, and we got inspired. We were both looking at the match in the lock room and we were shocked by the level of the tennis from the girls. So we tried to do a little bit better.

    And Lu was a particularly difficult opponent to break down, wasnt he? Hes got a great game.

    (Marat) I mean hes very complete player. Hes very smart, very fast, good from on the sides. Hes with the game real well. His participation is incredible. So its quite tough to break him.

    2009 youve said is going to be your last year. Which sort of events have you targeted? I mean, Im thinking the Australian Open, which youve won before. Must be high on your priorities.

    (Marat) Well, first of all I didnt think I had any coming out here because I had only two weeks of practise. And I didnt touch the racket for two months. So it was really tough for me to, to win a match. And I didnt expect at all to win a set, so a pretty impressive performance here. Im looking forward to Australian Open and hopefully Ill have quite good draw. I dont know who gonna make it, but I really hope for the good one.

    Can I show you something from the first set? Tenth game from the set when, we just saw that your mobility, and your speed around the court, and all the shots are still there. Its a sign of great encouragement for you for the coming year.

    (Marat) Oh, I have nothing to say actually.

    But you got there.

    (Marat) It was pretty fast. It was pretty fast. But I was lucky there. I normally close right into the racket, so it was pretty impressive for me.

    Im sure you know your own fitness and your preparedness for a season. How are you feeling compared to years past?

    (Marat) Well its a little bit tough to work out everyday. Day-by-day especially when the years pass by and after a lot of years, per year its quite tough to wake up in the morning and try do something. To go to the gym. To run for half an hour. And then practise for another four hours. So its pretty tough. And, but Ive been working out pretty hard. I come here with my fitness coach, this bald guy over there. Hes with me for 13 years. So I think hes really done a great job. Weve had some great moments, some bad moments and hes still with me. So really give him a credit with that. Hes a very good coach, and a very good listener, and a good advisor. I think its the right person to have by your side when its professional career is on the rise, and when its ending. So I think its the right time.

    And youve got Dinaras mixed to look forward to in the next match. You gonna get one on the board here?

    (Marat) Well yeah, I hope somebody gonna stay and watch it. Because its, were going to try and do our best. I hope you dont get bored and well try, try to do something sort of funny. I dont know. Make it interesting.

    Im sure we wont be bored. Were looking forward to it. Thank you Marat.

    (Marat) Thank you.

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    2009-01-08 19:40:20

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    Transcript - Dinara Safina, Marat Safin (Russia)


    DINARA SAFINA (Russia)
    MARAT SAFIN (Russia)
    Media Conference

    Congratulations, reaching the final. Beginning of the week, what sort of chance did you think youd have?

    (Marat) Well, I think we have all the chances. We just need to be calm, be confident and try to be focused at every, every point of the match. Because its a final and we want to win. And its my fourth time already here, so Im going to go for it and hopefully it will be good final and we can win it.

    Is it more special because its with your sister?

    (Marat) Of course. I mean its gonna be the last time we play together this year so, actually maybe this life so we need to take advantage of it and try win. I think its, the Hopman cup is the perfect scenario to end the story here.

    In mixed doubles, you wouldve enjoyed that with the knowledge that you need to win to make the final?

    (Marat) Excuse me?

    Just going into the mixed doubles, you knew that you needed to win to make the finals, so you wouldve enjoyed it?

    (Marat) Of course. Thats why I had to be focused and I just would give it, a little bit too nervous to, to play nice game. And they had basically, they were more relaxed and they didnt have any expectations towards the mixed doubles. It made it much easier for one of course, it was so fast that we didnt really realise what happened. And then we decided to pick it up and then we started to play better. We started to move better. We started to return and everything came back together.

    One of the keys this week, youve had a lot of tough matches, but youve kept your cool the whole time. Has that been one of the keys?

    (Marat) I just have no, no pressure. Anyway I dont have to defend any points, I dont really care whats, I just wanna enjoy on the court. So if I lose, I lose. If I do nothing, nothing will change in my life. So it makes me just want to enjoy, run around, play those matches, next points and go for it. If everything works out then its great. Then if not, then is bad luck, its the next day. No pressure at all so its much easier to play this way.

    Your first mixed doubles win I believe in Perth. So good to get that out of the way ahead of tomorrow nights final?

    (Marat) Oh yea, its my first I think. First win. So, so I think its good for the confidence.

    Dinara, your best match of the week tonight?

    (Dinara) I think so, yeah. I think I played pretty good match. I mean she is a tough opponent and I think I show my game and I think I still can, can do better. So, I hope but to show the same tomorrow. Even better tomorrow.

    What aspects do you think you can improve on? You said you wanted to get a bit better?

    (Dinara) Well, there is always still room to improve you know. No, it still is to be more dominant and use more of my shots, you know. So I think I try to do it tomorrow.

    Your confidence must be sky high entering the Australian Open?

    (Dinara) Oh I mean of course. I mean beating, especially like today, I think its a good test for the match. You know, also against Flavia, two top 20 players, and I beat them pretty comfortable. And its a, its a good. So it means I worked really hard. You know, so Im just looking forward for every next match and to get better and better.

    When you played in the mixed doubles out there, whos the boss?

    (Dinara) Oh him! You dont see?

    You got the first win in the doubles of the week. So that wouldve been pleasing as well?

    (Dinara) Oh yeah, of course. Its nice because this was a deciding one. If we would win we were going into the final. And I really wanted to win. And I think today, just everything came together really well. We were four one down, but in the end all our fighting and turned out our way.

    And you play Dominika. She hasnt lost this week either. Looking forward to that challenge?

    (Dinara) Of course. Why not? Its another match and another practise. Its not really a practise because its a good test for me. I wanna play.

    Just for Marat. Youve been here four times now. First time in the final. Its a nice way to finish your time coming to Perth?

    (Marat) Yeah, well unfortunately back before I didnt do any better in the years before. So this final, it was the last one, it was the right one so hopefully we can just get out of here and having a success on the tournament. So its our chance, our last one, so we have to take it. There is no other way.

    Im sure youll have fun against Dominik out there?

    (Marat) Yeah well its always, its always tough matches against him. I mean being the sort of player thats been around for many, many years. More than me. Hes still running around and tries his best and though he drop in the ranking, well he beat Blake, and in a tough match against Hewitt. Today he destroyed Kiefer. And so hes a tough one. And also the score between us and the matches and also, hes going to be tough in the final. But Im really looking forward. We know each other pretty good so I will take his advantage for me.

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